Assisted Living Facility Questions Addressed

Losing the ability to effectively take care of yourself without help can be a difficult fact to accept. Much of this difficulty may stem from the patient's assumption that they will have to lose much of their freedom in order to move into an assisted living facility. For patients that are in this situation, the services offered by these facilities can prove to be invaluable, but you may not be familiar with these communities. In these cases, the following couple of questions and answers should help you to be better informed about this option. 

How Much Structure Do Residents' Days Have At Assisted Living Facilities?

The residents at an assisted living community can expect to have a great deal of freedom over how they spend their days. While these communities will have a range of activities scheduled for residents to enjoy throughout the week, there is no obligation for residents to participate in these events. 

Each assisted living facility will handle creating this schedule differently, and you should ask to see the event calendar for any community you are considering. In addition to verifying that the community offers these services, this will give you a chance to determine whether or not there are classes or activities that you want to do. 

How Big Will The Resident's Room Be?

Another routine concern that many potential residents have is that their room will be far smaller than their old home. Unfortunately, it is true that your unit will not be as big as a house, but these communities can usually offer residents a range of sizes for their units. 

For example, there are some of these communities that allow residents to apply for a two bedroom unit. However, it should be noted that there are often a limited number of these larger units available. Therefore, you may need to be put on a wait list until one becomes available. Also, you should be aware that these bigger units are more expensive to have, and you will need to make sure that this expense can be accommodated by your budget. 

Moving into an assisted living community is a major decision for people to make, but it may be the only option if they have difficulty caring for themselves. Sadly, these communities might be misunderstood by the people they are designed to help. If you are considering moving into one of these assisted living facilities, knowing the amount of freedom you will have and that these communities may offer a limited number of larger units will help you to make a sound choice for your healthcare needs.