Help Options After Hip Surgery

Having hip surgery may require some short-term rehabilitation in order to return to normal activities. Though not everyone will need help, many people need assistance just to get through their daily routine. This is when a home health aide or an assisted living facility can help with short-term recovery.

There are many options to choose from to get help after having your surgery. For most people, there is no need for long-term nursing care unless there are other complications. Two of these options are hiring a home health aide or a short-term assisted living facility:

Home care:

People who don't live alone, are otherwise healthy and have no complications can benefit by recovering at home. Even if they do live with someone, they can still benefit from having a home health aide visit even if the rest of the rehabilitation is done through office visits. Home health aides can also take some of the burden off other family members or roommates. Other home care may include physical therapists for rehabilitation exercises and nurses for direct medical care.

Home health aides visit a patient's home for a certain number of hours and days a week.Their main job is to help out with the daily routine such as helping with getting dressed, cooking, cleaning or anything else that someone with hip surgery may find hard to do at first. The aide will make sure that the patient is following doctor's orders and taking their medications.

However, home health aides don't assist with medical care or administer medications nor do they help with physical therapy. An in-home nurse or physical therapist can also be employed if the patient is unable to arrange transportation to their therapist or doctor's office.

Short-term assisted living:

Staying in an assisted living facility, short-term, can have many benefits, even for people who don't live alone. If family members or roommates are unable to help or the patient has other health issues, then they may receive better care away from home.

Assisted living facilities offer the same kinds of help that one would get with a home health aide, but usually with 12 or 24 hour access. Facilities offer laundry, food, cleaning, and basic assistance with the daily routine. But, they can also provide medical care on an as-needed basis.

Certain facilities may provide more services, such as more intensive nursing care, for those people who need or request them. Often, a patient's physical therapy regimen and health checks can be done without leaving the facility.

Getting back to and keeping up with daily routines can help hip surgery patients with their recovery. Having assistance can make sure patients are not over-doing things and are following doctor's orders. It can help ease the patient back to normal life and make sure their hip will heal and function properly. To learn more, contact a company like The Village At Morrisons Cove with any questions or concerns you have.