Assisted Living Communities: Exploring the Pros and Cons

There are many benefits that come along with seniors choosing to relocate to an assisted living community. However, like all senior care options, assisted living will not be right for all seniors. Taking the time to review the pros and cons associated with this care option will allow you to make a truly informed decision regarding whether or not an assisted living community is the right place for your elderly loved one.

The Pros

There are several unique benefits that come along with choosing an assisted living community for your elderly loved one. These benefits include

  1. High Level Of Privacy: Assisted living communities allow each resident to maintain their own separate apartment or townhouse. This ensures a much higher level of privacy than other care options, such as nursing homes, which will typically offer a hospital-like setting for their residents.
  2. Custom Services: All services in an assisted living community are offered on an as-needed basis. This means that each resident will be able to customize the services that they need. For instance, while some residents will have food delivered to their home for each meal, others may simply have an aide that comes into their home and helps with daily tasks such as cooking and cleaning.
  3. Social Interactions: Assisted living communities offer seniors the ability to maintain an active social life by providing them with many different ways to interact with their peers. For instance, most communities will include a community center or clubhouse where residents can go to socialize on a daily basis. These communities will also host a variety of social events, such as special dinners, bingo, and even dances.

The Cons

There are also some disadvantages which are commonly associated with assisted living communities. These disadvantages include

  1. Limited Medical Care: Assisted living communities are focused on helping residents meet their basic daily needs. They are not designed to deal with the need for round-the-clock medical care. Therefore, these communities will not be a good fit for seniors who are dealing with severe medical problems that require constant care.
  2. Relocation: For some seniors, the idea of leaving the home where they spent so many years of their life will be considered a serious disadvantage.
  3. Lack of Insurance Coverage: Most medical insurance plans will not offer coverage for assisted living. This is because these services are often considered living expenses rather than medical expenses.

The Bottom Line

Seniors who wish to maintain as much independence as possible, yet require a bit of assistance on a daily basis, will likely benefit greatly from the decision to relocate to an assisted living community. However, seniors who require intensive medical care or who simply do not want to leave their long-time home, may find that they are better served by alternative care options, such as a nursing home or in-home care like Harbor Lights House Assisted Living Inc.