3 Ways Children Can Build Relationships With The Elderly Residents

If you want your children to have a strong appreciation for their elders, consider having them spend time at a nursing home or assisted living facility to help them get to know some of the people who worked so hard to make the world as great as it is. Some people at nursing homes and assisted living facilities do not have any friends or family nearby by and find themselves alone day in and day out. This can be a very lonely way of life and having your children visit the nursing home could help the elderly residents as much as it could help your children. The following guide walks you through a few ways your children could spend time with the people at the nursing home and build relationships that could have a great impact on their lives.

Play Games

Many elderly individuals love to play board games and card games. They are activities that do not require a lot of time and do not require them to do anything physical to take part in the activity. When your children go to play a game with the residents, be sure to take the time to teach them how to play the game. Some of the residents may enjoy playing the games, but may not have the patience required to teach someone to play it.

Read Books

There are many elderly individuals who love to read books, but due to their diminished vision, they can no longer read with ease. Your children could go to the nursing home and read books to the residents who can no longer read to themselves. This will improve your child's ability to read, while still allowing him or her to bond with the residents at the home.

Do Crafts

Many elderly individuals enjoy doing arts and crafts. If your children have a knack for artwork or enjoys expressing themselves artistically, it is a skill that they could share with some of the residents at the nursing home. They could draw, paint, or even crochet with the residents, while talking and getting to know one another.

Many of these things do not take a lot of time and will give the residents of the nursing home or assisted living facility and your children plenty of time to connect with one another. They will be able to tell stories and gain knowledge about a life that is far different from theirs, which could help to broaden your children's horizons and make them better-rounded.