4 Benefits Of An Assisted Living Facility

Aging is inevitable, and as a person ages their needs change. Many adult children have a difficult time deciding whether their elderly parents should live with them or move into an assisted living facility. While it is normal to want to care for one or both of your parents in their twilight years, it can be very hard to keep up with work commitments and caring for your own family while also taking on the care of a senior citizen. Assisted living facilities have a lot of great advantages, and your loved one will be well cared for. Some of the biggest benefits of an assisted living community include:


While advanced age brings wisdom and life experience, it can also be lonely. Many elderly people struggle with depression and feelings of isolation, which can decrease their quality of life. Assisted living facilities try to change that by arranging clubs, social nights, and outings where residents are able to interact with others and enjoy activities that they are interested in. Assisted living facilities often have the option of including a meal service, so your parent will be able to enjoy his or her meals with other residents in a communal dining area.

Independence without the Hassle

Many assisted living facilities offer small apartments, where residents can have their own space and independence without having to worry about upkeep and maintenance. If you elect to move your elderly parent into an assisted living facility that has individual apartments, you can most likely arrange for cleaning services, meal delivery, and general support from the facility staff. Contact Hilltop House Assisted Living to find out what services they offer and what would be a good fit for your parent.


In general, assisted living facilities are designed to keep their residents safe. A lot of facilities have gated grounds, and many common areas are monitored by surveillance cameras. Some assisted living facilities provide a way for residents to alert staff if they have an emergency in their apartment or room and need urgent help. Overall, the communal atmosphere of an assisted living facility can help keep your parent safe and secure.

Access to Medical Care

If your elderly parent has health problems, assisted living facilities can usually arrange regular shuttles or other forms of transportation to clinics, hospitals, and doctor appointments so you parent can get the medical care that he or she needs. It is also common for assisted living facilities to employ nurses who can assist with home health care, if needed. Many assisted living communities also have nursing home facilities where your parent can receive around the clock care if his or her health deteriorates.