4 Things To Look For When Choosing A Skilled Nursing Home For A Family Member

If you have a loved one that has extensive medical and physical needs and who needs around-the-clock care, you are going to need to find a skilled nursing home for them. Skilled nursing homes are designed to provide seniors with the level of care and attention that they need when they are no longer able to take care of themselves.

When looking for a skilled nursing home for your loved one, you want to take the time to find the right fit for them. A senior healthcare services company can help you find the right fit for your loved one.

Ask About Staffing Levels

One of the first things you need to inquire about is the staffing level at the facility. Be sure to ask detailed questions so you can figure out what the staffing level is like not just in the middle of the day on the weekday, but during the weekends, evenings, and holidays. You want to look for a nursing home that is able to provide an adequate level of staff during the evening, weekends, and holidays. These are less desirable shifts, but your loved one deserves adequate care no matter the time of day. Be very cautious about a facility that doesn't maintain good staffing numbers in the evening and on weekends.

Find Out How the Facility is Cleaned

Next, directly ask the facility how they keep things clean. In addition to the normal cleaning that a business and a home would need, nursing homes often require extra deep cleaning, as they take care of people who are sick and often need assistance using the restroom.

Do they have their nurse's clean things up as they work? Do they have a janitorial staff who helps keep the facility clean? Make sure that they have a dedicated cleaning staff outside of the health care providers. A clean environment is very important for the elderly.

As you tour the facility, look closely and see if the place actually feels, looks, and smells clean.

Inquire About the Food Options

Food is about more than nutrition. Food is about connecting with one's culture and one's likes and needs. Find out how the nursing home handles food. Do they serve three meals a day? Can the residents choose when they eat? Are there snacks for the residents? Beyond meeting the resident's nutrimental requirements, how does the facility work to serve food that the residents will like?

Be sure to check out the food menu, and make sure that your loved one will actually enjoy eating the food they serve. Food is nutritional, but it is also personal, so you'll want to find a facility that can take care of both of those elements.

When looking for a skilled nursing home for your loved one, try to find one that is able to staff properly, that keeps the facility clean, and that has healthy and inspirational food options for your loved ones. Finally, always check out the licensing and make sure that you are working with a state-licensed facility. Remember, you don't have to take on this process alone. You can work with a senior healthcare service provider to help you find the right skilled nursing home for your loved one.

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