4 Features And Services That Seniors Can Find At An Assisted Living Community

Assisted living communities differ from retirement homes in a few key ways. However, many seniors choose to move into assisted living facilities in their retirement. Assisted living can help seniors manage the day-to-day facets of their everyday lives. Here are just some of the great features and services that seniors can expect to find in an assisted living community:

1. Dining Services

Food is an important part of everyday life. Most people need at least three meals a day in order to stay healthy. Some people must eat even more frequently in order to keep their blood sugar steady. With meals comes the necessity of food preparation, which includes everything from grocery shopping to slicing meats and vegetables. Unfortunately, the task of cooking for themselves and their households can be overwhelming to seniors who may have mobility challenges. Assisted living communities provide dining services to residents. Residents can choose to eat prepared meals in a dining hall rather than cooking for themselves.

2. Housekeeping Services

Good housekeeping can help people create restful, pleasant spaces in which to live. However, many tasks, such as sweeping, mopping the floors, and tidying up around the house, can be difficult for people with arthritis and other health conditions. Many assisted living facilities offer light housekeeping services to residents. Housekeeping assistance can make it easy for seniors to maintain hygienic and restful apartments.

3. Fitness Classes

Physical fitness can help people lose weight and manage certain conditions like hypertension and diabetes. Regular strength training and cardiovascular exercise can help seniors protect their bone health, heart health, and lung health. Finding the motivation to exercise on your own can be tough. Fortunately, many assisted living communities offer daily fitness classes for residents. The opportunity to participate in group exercise classes with peers can simplify the prospect of exercise while turning it into something that seniors can look forward to.

4. Planned Outings

Isolation is a serious problem for seniors. Seniors who live alone may struggle to get out into the world where they can see others. This problem can be exacerbated if seniors have few friends and family members nearby. Many assisted living communities plan regular outings for their residents. The ability to participate in local events with pre-planned schedules and transportation can make going out fun and simple for seniors. Regular socialization can be excellent for the mental health and emotional well-being of elderly people.

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