Quality-Of-Life Benefits Of An Assisted Living Facility

If your loved one needs assistance for their care as a result of mobility problems, cognitive deficits, or health problems, then they may be unable to live independently at home. Because of this, they may need to reside in an assisted living facility so that they get the essential care they need to stay safe and healthy. Here are some quality-of-life benefits an assisted living facility can offer your senior loved one.

Assistance With Daily Activities And Safety Interventions

Even if your senior loved one has a relatively high level of independence, they may require support with their activities of daily living such as hygiene, showering or bathing, and dressing. Depending on the level of care your loved one needs, the staff can simply supervise them while doing their activities of daily living or they can provide hands-on assistance if they require more support. The staff can also assist your loved one with mobility and help them walk.

The care your loved one receives will always be offered with privacy and kindness to preserve their dignity. In addition to assisting your loved one with their activities of daily living, the staff at the assisted living facility will respond quickly if the senior needs emergency help or doesn't feel well. The staff will also take steps to help ensure that the resident does not fall. These steps include ensuring that floors are clean and dry and that the pathways are clear. The nursing staff will also monitor your loved one for medication side effects that may put them at risk for falling. If side effects are noticed, the physician will be notified.

Social Engagement

As people age, the risk of social isolation can rise. An assisted living facility offers a variety of activities to help keep your loved one active and engaged with other residents. Social activity may help prevent anxiety and depression because it prevents isolation. Your loved one may enjoy participating in activities such as gardening classes, art and pet therapy, ice cream socials, and movie nights. Social activities at the assisted living facility can encourage meaningful and long-lasting friendships with the other residents as well as the staff. It is important to note, that when day trips are planned by the assisted living facility, you will be required to sign a permission slip as the responsible party for your loved one. 

If your senior loved one needs assistance with their activities of daily living, consider the above quality-of-life benefits an assisted living facility can provide. With exceptional care and support, your family member can anticipate a more optimistic and fulfilling future. For more information, contact an assisted living facility near you.